Semi-Truck Accident Injuries

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Thousands of people lose their lives in truck accidents every year, and hundreds of thousands more suffer life-altering injuries. Large, heavy semi-trucks are capable of destroying smaller vehicles and causing great bodily harm to the vehicle’s occupants.

At the Cochran Firm South Florida, we are committed to fighting for compensation for people injured in truck accidents in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Any type of auto accident can cause devastating injuries and death. Although many people walk away from car accidents unharmed, accidents involving semi trucks almost always cause severe injuries to the drivers and passengers of smaller cars.

Common truck accident injuries include:

These injuries may have serious implications for your physical and emotional health.

Repercussions of Your Injury

Auto accident injuries may have repercussions extending many years into the future, perhaps for a lifetime. These repercussions can be physical, cognitive, and behavioral. A brain injury can impair your ability to speak, hear, see, and express yourself. You may have memory problems or difficulty completing simple tasks. Spinal cord injury, brain injury and amputation can lead to paralysis and long-term disability.

Other consequences of severe injuries include:

  • Medical bills
  • Inability to work
  • Invasive medical treatment
  • Ongoing rehabilitative care
  • Disfigurement
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

If you are the dependant of someone who suffered wrongful death as a result of a truck accident, you may have lost the love, companionship, guidance, and future financial contributions of your loved one.

The impact of your injury can test the foundations of your family, stressing relationships as you are unable to work, and possibly unable to care for yourself. If your injury was caused by a negligent truck driver, careless trucking company practices, an improperly loaded truck or other acts of negligence, you deserve to be compensated for the expense your injury has caused.

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