Pedestrian Accidents

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The simple act of crossing the street can mean tragedy for pedestrians whose rights are violated by careless and distracted drivers. In a momentary flash, families’ lives can be turned upside down when a loved one is hit by a car, motorcycle, truck, or SUV. The Cochran Firm South Florida represents the rights of pedestrians in Miami, Ft Myers, Ft Lauderdale, and throughout South Florida who have suffered serious injuries. Our Miami injury attorneys know Florida laws inside and out, and when you contact us, our accident lawyers will dedicate an enormous amount of resources to ensure that your family is well compensated for this injustice.

Why Pedestrian Accidents Happen

In the many years that our Miami area accident attorneys have spent helping pedestrians seek restitution, we have observed a myriad of causes for these types of accidents: distracted drivers, speeding, failure to stop at a stop light or yellow light, drunk driving, impaired vision, driving without headlights, and failure to stop at pedestrian crosswalks are just a few of the common causes. Our injury lawyers in Ft Lauderdale, Fort Myers, and Miami can help you with all legal matters related to the South Florida accident, including suing the insurance companies or manufacturing companies when defective auto parts play a role in the accident.

Making Sense of a Pedestrian Accident

Every year, hundreds of innocent people are injured or killed in pedestrian accidents on Florida roads. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that five cities in Florida are on the list of top ten most dangerous U.S. cities for pedestrians. By seeking substantial compensation for our clients, we hope to raise awareness about pedestrian rights and force drivers to acknowledge the laws and respect the rights of foot travelers.

If a member of your family was seriously hurt in a pedestrian accident in Miami, Ft Myers, or Ft Lauderdale; or you lost a loved one as a result or a pedestrian accident, please consider the great amount of compassion, information, and guidance that an experienced accident lawyers can provide. The caring injury and accident lawyers at The Cochran Firm South Florida have the resources your family needs to fight for just compensation. Money cannot make up for the pain and suffering that was caused, but a significant financial award can help provide the type of care and lifestyle your family depends on.

At The Cochran Firm South Florida, our injury attorneys go to great lengths to fight for just compensation. Please call or e-mail our injury attorneys in Miami, Fort Myers, or Ft Lauderdale immediately for skilled legal advice and important information on your rights.