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If you or a member of your family has been arrested and charged with murder or manslaughter in South Florida, it is imperative that you hire an experienced murder attorney right away. A criminal defense law firm can provide very specific instructions on how to proceed as you endure each step of the murder charge process. No matter what questions you may have, you can contact our legal team in Miami, Ft Myers, or Miami immediately for important answers that could help the outcome of your case.

Types of Murder Charges

Murder refers to a violent crime that involves taking another’s life. There is a wide range of homicide charges under Florida law including first-, second- and third-degree murder, as well as manslaughter, which is basically murder with a lack of intent. A charge will be categorized depending on factors such as motive, intent, manner of death, physical evidence, premeditation, and other factors. The crime scene investigation will produce evidence and details that the prosecution will use to build their case. However, in our murder lawyers‘ vast experience defending murder clients, evidence is not always what it seems. It takes months of digging, asking the right questions, talking to the right people, and reading between the lines for our murder attorneys to defend accused clients who are facing unthinkable punishments. In some instances, we may be able to get charges reduced to lesser offenses based on cooperation with the state’s attorneys.

Elements of a Murder Conviction

If you think there is no way to escape the life-altering consequences of a murder charge, think again. Depending on the circumstances surrounding each case, a murder conviction is actually very difficult to get. There are so many variables that need to come together for a conviction to be achieved. The prosecution must demonstrate how the crime was committed, and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime. In many past cases, our murder attorneys have been able to successfully demonstrate reasonable doubt and help our clients preserve their freedom. We are proud to have saved many clients charged with murder in Miami, Ft Myers, Ft Lauderdale, and surrounding south Florida communities from devastating, final punishments like life imprisonment or the death penalty.

At The Cochran Firm in South Florida, we represent clients accused of all types of murder crimes, including:

The murder attorney you choose could make all the difference in your case.

Our murder lawyers in Miami, Ft Myers and Ft Lauderdale have years of experience and unparalleled knowledge of Florida murder laws. If you are facing felony murder charges in south Florida, please contact The Cochran Firm for a free initial legal discussion.