South Florida Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

When a trusted physician breaks his oath to “do no harm,” the skilled Miami medical malpractice attorneys at The Cochran Firm South Florida are here to represent the patients that suffer as a result. Our medical malpractice lawyers have helped innocent victims of malpractice seek compensation after they were injured in emergency rooms, private practices, hospitals, and surgical facilities. If you or a loved one has been seriously affected by a medical mistake, it will not cost you anything to contact our Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and Ft Myers area medical negligence lawyers for a case evaluation.

Defining “Medical Negligence”

Negligence refers to a medical professional’s error in judgment. As a general rule, our South Florida medical malpractice lawyers must demonstrate that a doctor failed to follow the generally accepted standard of care, meaning he or she did not act as other reasonable medical professionals would. Medical negligence can take a variety of forms, including:

Our Miami medical malpractice attorneys will work around the clock to see to it that someone is held accountable to the victims and their families. Examples of medical malpractice include:

Following a Hunch

If you suspect medical negligence in Miami, Fort Myers or throughout the South Beach area, the biggest mistake you can make is to stay quiet. There are time limitations on malpractice claims and, the longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to preserve evidence. A free consultation with our Miami malpractice lawyers can help you understand Florida medical malpractice laws and how they might work for your family. If medical malpractice can be proven, you may be able to collect significant financial damages to help you and your family recover.

If something went wrong during a doctor or hospital visit, or a physician overlooked an important aspect of care, follow your hunch and speak to our medical malpractice attorneys in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Ft Myers, and throughout South Florida today. We have helped victims of malpractice recover damages from doctors, nurses, hospitals, health clinics, dentists, pharmacologists, and anesthesiologists. Our aggressive representation can help families gain access to all the medical records and important facts needed to get a successful result. Medical malpractice victims may be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish, disability, lost income, lost benefits, current and future medical bills, and additional damages.

The medical malpractice lawyers at The Cochran Firm South Florida are here to help your family after an unthinkable injury. To learn more about your rights and medical malpractice laws in Florida, please call or e-mail our team of experienced legal minds.