Florida has 1,834,159 licensed drivers 70 and older

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Rules of the road
Florida Today reports that by 2020, it’s projected, nearly 50 million Americans older than 65 will be eligible for a driver’s license and half of those will be older than 75.
Florida already has 1,834,159 licensed drivers 70 and older — including 66,150 in Brevard, nearly 1,800 of whom are 91 or older — and a large snowbird population licensed elsewhere.
Some states are watching these mature drivers with wariness.
Several have laws calling for accelerated renewal dates or additional requirements for drivers older than 65 or 70, testing for diminished abilities.
Colorado demands renewal every five years past age 61. Oregon, vision tests after age 50. Illinois and New Hampshire are even tougher, with road tests mandatory at age 75.
Florida’s only codicil? Drivers older than 80 must take a vision test at a driver’s license bureau or with a licensed physician or optometrist. If they pass, they receive a six-year renewal rather than the standard eight.