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Florida law sets forth a list of explicit responsibilities that employers must follow regarding the safety of employees and the protocol that should be followed when injuries occur. At The Cochran Firm South Florida, our Miami work injury attorneys have a wealth of knowledge about these injury laws and are able to identify and prove when employer responsibilities have been breached. If you have been hurt in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Fort Myers, or anywhere in the south Florida area, and cannot work, trust our work injury lawyers to educate you about your rights and evaluate employer actions to spot inconsistencies that may help you get the benefits you deserve. You can contact us for a free work injury law consultation and confidential advice.

Safety and Accident Compliance

Whether an infringement involves creating an unsafe atmosphere that caused an injury, or failing to collect evidence and submit an accident report, our work injury attorneys are on your side, ready to hold your employer accountable for negligent behavior.

Employer responsibilities include:

  • Posting a notice of compliance with Workers’ Compensation mandates
  • Facilitating emergency medical treatment and ongoing necessary treatment related to the work injury, without forcing a particular physician.
  • Completion of a comprehensive injury report, and submission to the Workers’ Compensation Division and insurance company
  • Submitting the necessary follow-up paperwork as requested by the Division.
  • Avoiding discrimination, wrongful termination, or other retaliation of an employee who is collecting Workers’ Compensation benefits or has done so in the past.

Generally speaking, most employers who have Workers’ Compensation insurance cannot be sued or held financial liable for at-work injuries. However, if an employer took steps to intentionally cause harm, he or she may be held responsible. You can contact the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation for more information on employer responsibilities and employee rights relating to work injuries.

Learn all the crucial details about Miami work injury law and your rights when you speak to a skilled Miami work injury lawyer. The Cochran Firm South Florida is here to help you get the benefits you need to get by after a serious work accident. Please contact our work injury lawyers in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and Ft Myers to learn more.