The Cochran Firm Is Invited to Speak to Trapnell Ridge Homeowners About Sink Holes

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

On August 8, 2011, Anthony Jones, President of the Trapnell Ridge Homeowner’s Association invited The Cochran Firm and their colleagues to make a presentation to the Trapnell Ridge homeowners regarding the sink hole problems that have been encountered in and around the homes in Trapnell Ridge.
The Cochran Firm along with two other law firms are currently investigating available options for homeowners of Trapnell Ridge. These options include first party claims against resident’s personal homeowners’ insurance company as well as potential claims against the developers and engineers who originally planned the community. The Cochran Firm’s preliminary research indicates that a proper investigation prior to construction should have alerted the developer to the soil problems in the area that are causing the ground to be unstable resulting in sink holes. On August 8, 2011, Scott Leeds, Managing Partner of The Cochran Firm-South Florida, toured seven homes with a nationally acclaimed geologist who determined that all of the homes were demonstrating signs consistent with sink hole damage and poor soil conditions.