Your Insurance after a Car Accident: Ally or Adversary?

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

We have all seen the television commercials where an actress calls her insurance company immediately after a car accident. She is unsure what to do and fearful of the outcome. The insurance company not only sends out a representative, generally a handsome mild-mannered man, but they call a tow truck, give her a ride home, and take care of all the actress’s concerns. After an accident, we are told, we are in the “good hands” of our “good neighbor” who “gets you back where you belong.”

However, the reality is often much different. After a car accident, your insurance company is hoping to get off cheap–they don’t want to lose money on you. So if you just take the necessary payment for your car’s minor body damage, less deductible, of course, you will be treated with smiles all around. But if you dare to claim that you suffered a mild TBI or other soft tissue injury, your insurance company will begin treating you differently. You may be accused of making fraudulent claims and being a faker. You will see the good hands putting on the “boxing gloves” (as one internal insurance company memo put it). Suddenly, it’s as if the only thing your good neighbor has to offer is a good wall designed to keep you from getting paid. Then you finally realize where your insurance company thinks you belong: out in the cold.

If your insurance company is refusing to compensate you for all the expenses associated with an accident, you may be able to receive compensation with a personal injury lawsuit.

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