Wrong Diagnosis and Delayed Diagnosis

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Every year, wrong diagnosis and delayed diagnosis cause at least 40,000 deaths, along with countless injuries, illnesses, and medical complications. If a doctor is not paying enough attention, or if they rush to diagnose a potentially complex medical condition, they may overlook key symptoms, leading them to misdiagnose a patient’s illness or injury. Or, they may diagnose a condition too late – when it has already become more advanced and dangerous – because of their failure to recognize symptoms and follow up.

Some medical issues are inherently hard to diagnose, requiring extensive tests and special tools. As long as a doctor is diligently performing these tests and working toward a solution, they cannot be considered negligent. However, if they fail to pay attention to signs they should have immediately recognized, or if they do not provide you with adequate testing, they can be held responsible for medical malpractice.

Some examples of wrong diagnosis and delayed diagnosis include:

  • Failing to follow the accepted standards of medical care
  • Failing to acknowledge or follow-up on a patient’s concerns
  • Failure to recognize serious medical problems
  • Failure to appropriately respond to medical complications

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