When Should a Child Brought In for Questioning Cooperate with Law Enforcement?

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Your child should always cooperate with law enforcement, without admitting fault for any specific crimes. If your child is questioned as a juvenile offender by police officers, your child should not confess or deny any offenses that law enforcement asks about.

In Florida, your child can be questioned without you present. Law enforcement is supposed to contact the parents in this situation, but it is legal for questioning to begin before you arrive.

At the Cochran Firm South Florida, we represent juveniles charged with various criminal offenses, including:

If your child did admit to a crime when questioned, a judge must determine whether your child was aware of his or her rights. If not, the confession may be dismissed. Like an adult, your child has certain rights when suspected of a criminal offense. Our lawyers can determine whether these rights were violated at any point during your child’s questioning and arrest.

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