What is the Difference between Permanent and Partial Disability?

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Being injured and not able to work can be a very frightening experience.If you have been the “bread winner” of your family and now you are disabled, you may feel like you have no purpose in life, and you may not know where to turn for help. If you have been injured on the job, you are entitled to collect what is called Workers’ Compensation benefits. Workers’ Compensation is also often referred to as Workman’s Compensation or Workers’ Comp, but no matter what it’s called, it’s out there for you if you have been hurt at work and need money to support your family.

You cannot be fired for filing Workman’s Compensation, and you receive benefits based on your salary and the extent of your injury. When discussing the extent of one’s injury, you may hear the terms “permanent” and “partial disability.” These terms pretty much mean what they say. If you have suffered a permanent disability, you will not be going back to work; however, if you have suffered a partial disability, you may very well recover and get back to work some day. An experienced Workman’s Compensation attorney such as the ones at The Cochran Firm in South Florida can give you all the information you need and file for benefits for you since filing for Workers’ Compensation benefits can be a very complicated, confusing process.

Disabilities can be classified as follows:

Temporary Total Disability:

·         This classification of disability refers to workers who have injuries severe enough to prevent them from doing their job, but only temporarily.

Permanent Total Disability

·         This type of disability describes workers who are disabled and unable to return to any type of job. This label usually affords workers benefits for life equal to two-thirds of their prior income.

Permanent Partial Disability

·         Permanent partial disability is used to describe individuals who have an illness or injury that permanently limits them in some way but may allow them to return to some type of job participation.

If you were injured at work, you may qualify for Workers’ Compensation benefits. Please contact the Workman’s Compensation lawyers at The Cochran Firm South Florida today to schedule a confidential consultation.