Preventing a Brain Injury

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

There are some risks that are just not worth taking. Risking a brain injury in a motorcycle or car accident is one of them. A brain injury can lead to permanent disability, severely diminished quality of life, or death, but there are many steps you can take to help protect yourself against brain injury.

Wear a helmet on a motorcycle: The easiest way to reduce your risk of brain injury when riding a motorcycle is by wearing a helmet. A study last year showed that helmets reduced risk of neck injury in an accident by 22%, brain injury risk by 65%, and death risk by 37%.

Wear your seatbelt: When you are in an accident, your seatbelt will prevent you from hitting your head on hard components in the car or being ejected from the vehicle, which can increase your risk of brain injury. If you are ejected from your car, you are 41 times more likely to suffer serious or fatal brain injury.

Keep a good posture: Slouching when you drive can put you at increased risk for brain and neck injury. Make sure you sit upright at the steering wheel and have your seat, wheel, and safety belt properly adjusted for the posture you use when driving.

Investigate cars: Your risk of whiplash injuries to the brain and neck can be dramatically impacted by the headrest in your car. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has evaluated a number of head rest designs and makes recommendations about which ones are best.

However, everything you do cannot always protect you from a serious brain injury. If you have suffered a brain injury in the Miami, Florida area, please contact The Cochran Firm South Florida for a free consultation about your legal rights and options.