Jackknife Truck Accidents

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Jackknife truck accidents occur when a semi-truck’s trailer swings outward.  There are two types of jackknife truck accidents: classic and tandem trailer jackknife accidents.

A classic jackknife occurs when the cap of the truck spins into the trailer. This usually happens when a truck driver slams on the brakes, and the brakes cannot recover in time to stop the trailer from swinging out.

Tandem trailer jackknife truck accidents occur when there are two trailers behind a cab and the rear tandem trailer locks up prior to the drive axle tandems or the front axle.

Jackknife truck accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries. As a result, it is important to drive carefully around semi-trucks in order to anticipate a jack-knife accident before you are involved in it.

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