Elderly Drivers and Car Accidents

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

There has been increasing rhetoric in recent years claiming that elderly people are more likely to be unsafe drivers. These claims have led some states to even require retesting for elderly drivers as a condition to renew their license.

The data analyzing the driving records of elderly people has been inconclusive, and it is still not entirely clear whether they are more likely than other drivers to get into a car accident. Consequently, the backlash against elderly drivers has stirred considerable controversy across the country.

Proponents of retesting elderly drivers argue that this will help detect the presence of age-related conditions such as dementia and vision loss which might adversely affect an individual’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. Additionally, they claim that because driving is so crucial to an individual’s independence in today’s society, it is likely that elderly drivers may not voluntarily surrender their driving privileges when they begin to develop a condition that may affect their ability to drive.

Those opposed to retesting elderly drivers have argued that there is a lack of statistical evidence to support the notion that elderly people are more likely to be involved in a car accident. Additionally, they question whether retesting will effectively accomplish the goal of removing unfit drivers from the road. Furthermore, there is speculation that many elderly drivers who are fit for the road may surrender their privileges rather than undergo retesting.

The state of Florida currently requires drivers over the age of 80 to take a vision test when renewing their license. According to the Florida DMV, 5,928 drivers over the age of 80 were involved in car accidents in 2009, and 116 people were killed in these accidents. In 2009, there were 629,699 drivers in Florida between the ages of 80-90. This equates to less than .01% of drivers between the ages of 80-90 getting into a car accident.

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