Dealing with Search Warrants for Businesses

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

When you or your company is being investigated for a white collar crime, there will come a time when law enforcement enters your premise with a search warrant to gather information. Knowing what to do in these instances will be very helpful in protecting your rights.
How to Deal with a Search Warrant

  • Ask for identification – Get the business card or contact information of the agent in charge
  • Contact your attorney – Call the Cochran Firm South Florida before the search starts. We will come to you during the search
  • Ask to delay the search until we arrive – Agents can deny this request, but having us present during the search can be helpful in protecting your rights
  • Read the warrant – Only consent to agents searching items specifically mentioned in the warrant
  • Don’t help – Do not offer information or make suggestions. You are required to cooperate with law enforcement, but not to give incriminating information
  • Send your employees home – Agents will have a warrant to search the premise, but will also grill employees if they are available. Don’t make your employees available. If this is not possible, instruct your employees to refrain from talking to agents until we have arrived
  • Don’t talk to the media – You and your employees should keep the search and all details of the allegations private
  • Make a list of the items seized – Agents are generally required to provide you with a list of all items seized during a search. Take special care to ensure this list is complete
  • Make a record –Photograph and inventory all items seized as soon as the search is complete

If you are being investigated for a white collar crime in or around Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, or Ft. Myers, Florida, don’t try to go it alone. Please contact the white collar crime defense attorneys at the Cochran Firm South Florida to ensure your rights and freedoms are protected.