Complications of Brain Injuries from Birth Trauma

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Thousands of children each year are injured during delivery. Infant brain injury is a preventable birth injury that affects too many in our technologically advanced society. At The Cochran Firm South Florida, our birth injury lawyers may be able to help you recover the compensation you need to cope with these life-long injuries to your child.

When medical professionals ignore the accepted standards of care and make wrong decisions during your child’s birth, the results will follow your child for the rest of their life.

Bleeding in the brain (intracranial hemorrhage) is caused by blood vessels rupturing within the skull. It is more common among premature infants.

Permanent brain damage (neonatal encephalophathy) is caused by low blood flow and low oxygen to the baby during birth. It can result in permanent cell death in the baby’s brain.

These birth injuries can result in different types of cerebral palsy and other conditions that will affect the quality of life of your child. These brain injuries will lead to life-long care taking of your child and high medical bills.

If your child suffered a brain injury during delivery and you need to talk to a birth injury lawyer in West Palm Beach or anywhere in Florida, please contact The Cochran Firm South Florida to schedule your no-cost consultation.