Common Deposition Questions Related to a Slip and Fall

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Answering deposition questions about a slip and fall can be an intimidating process. The attorneys at the Cochran Firm South Florida will work with you before and during this time to help ease any emotional discomfort, but knowing what questions to expect can be helpful as well.
Common Disposition Questions

  • Personal questions such as where you’ve lived, jobs you’ve held, wages you have earned, and reasons you left those jobs
  • Questions about pending lawsuits, previous lawsuits, insurance claims, and workers’ compensation claims
  • Questions about your accident including why you were on the premises, who was with you, and how the accident happened
  • Details about your injuries including medical reports and your current physical limitations
  • Trick questions such as why you saw a chiropractor instead of a family physician

The trick questions in particular are designed to find holes in your story. Our attorneys will work with you during this time to ensure you are not tricked into incriminating yourself, or coerced into accepting less than you are due.
If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident in or around Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, or Ft. Myers, Florida, please contact the personal injury attorneys at the Cochran Firm South Florida to schedule a free initial consultation today.