Attorney Jock M. Smith Tapped to Articulate Obama’s Call for “Change We Can Believe In”

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

( – Jock M. Smith, Founding Member, President and Senior Partner of the Cochran Firm USA has accepted a National Speaking Surrogate role with the Barack Obama campaign. Smith, noted for his passionate representation of “Americans on the margin,” said he is privileged to accept the role.

Smith, one of Lawdragon’s top 500 trial litigators in America for 2006 and 2007, is poised to deliver the campaign’s message that “Yes, We Can”–create a new coalition…a new politics…a new America! Smith, recipient of Martindale-Hubbell’s prestigious AV rating, the highest an attorney can achieve, described Obama as “A God sent man whose vision, faith, and spirit will lead our country out of its current age of despair into a new age of brotherhood, achievement and overall American vitality.”

Smith, the first African American member of the National Wildlife Federation President’s Advisory Council, indicated the organization’s purpose is not only to preserve wildlife and natural resources but to tackle the issue of safeguarding quality of life throughout this planet. “Barack Obama is conservation America’s President as he has stood firm on the issues of resolving global warming, preserving our natural resources, moving the country toward a green economy and addressing renewable energy,” said Smith. When asked why he joined Obama’s presidential campaign, Mr. Smith said, “Barack Obama’s experiences as a Harvard law student, a community organizer, a constitutional law professor, and a U.S. Senator along with his unique overall understanding of the everyday American’s problems make him eminently qualified for our highest, most cherished public office, President of the United States.”

Jock M. Smith’s $1.6 billion verdict was America’s largest civil verdict in 2004 as well as the largest civil verdict obtained by an African American lawyer in the nation’s history. Smith, member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, also has an $80 million verdict in his portfolio of record setting settlements and verdicts. Smith and the late esteemed super lawyer Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. were co-founders of the Cochran Firm USA. In 2002, Smith co-authored his autobiography, Climbing Jacob’s Ladder…A Trial Lawyer’s Journey on Behalf of the Least of These.